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  1. In these terms and conditions references to an activity includes all types of fundraising events, RNLI events and activities.
  2. In relation to events organised by the RNLI:
    1. To secure your place you must pay the registration fee by the date specified unless the event is free.
    2. All participants must act responsibly and take care for their own safety and that of those around them.

Photographs at the event

  1. Photographs and films may be taken throughout each Event by the RNLI or its affiliated companies, contractors and agents. The RNLI rely upon legitimate interest as a lawful basis to use photographs and films featuring event participants for marketing, publicity and fundraising purposes by means of print, broadcast, social media or any other media now or in the future. 
  2. The RNLI may request consent from a participant to feature in a specific media for marketing, publicity or fundraising purposes. In the event the RNLI makes such a request it will seek the consent from the Participant (or the Participant’s parent or guardian in the event the Participant is under 18) on a separate consent form. The Participant may at its sole discretion choose to grant the RNLI consent. It is not a condition of the Event that such consent is granted.
  3. All Participants and the parents or guardians of any under 18’s acknowledge and agree that no payment will be made to any Participant for the use of any photographs, images or films in which they may feature.
  4. The RNLI’s use of the Participant’s photograph and/or personal information contained in a marketing feature will be in accordance with the RNLI’s privacy and cookies policy which can be found at https://rnli.org/footer/privacy-and-security.
  5. If you send us any photos or video, you agree that the RNLI may (free of charge) publish or broadcast them to publicise the work of the RNLI, the event you attended and to promote fundraising in aid of the RNLI.

Your responsibilites

The following provisions apply to all activities (whether organised by you, the RNLI or someone else):

  1. YOU:
    1. Warrant that you are eligible to take part in the activity in accordance with any criteria published by the RNLI or other activity organiser (e.g. minimum age etc.) and agree to comply with any safety guidelines or other activity rules.
    2. Accept that you are taking part in the activity at your own risk.
    3. Agree that you will not hold the RNLI, its officers, employees, volunteers or agents liable for any loss, injury, damage or costs that may result from the activity or your participation in it caused in any way, save death or personal injury due to the negligence of the RNLI.
    4. If a claim is made against the RNLI in relation to the activity you are taking part in arising out of any breach by you of these terms and conditions, you agree to reimburse the RNLI for any sums which the RNLI pays as a result of that claim including, but not limited to, any associated legal or other costs and expenses.
    5. If applicable, you agree to make it clear that you are raising funds in aid of the RNLI and will not indicate or imply that you represent the RNLI.
    6. If applicable, you agree not to take any costs relating to the activity out of funds you may have raised for the RNLI.
    7. You agree to comply with any guidance issued to you by the RNLI or made available on its website.
    8. You agree that you will not do anything to harm the RNLI’s good name and reputation.

Entry fees & cancellations

  1. Any entry fees paid are non-refundable. If an activity organised by the RNLI is cancelled for any reason, the RNLI will, at your request, endeavour to refund any fee paid by you to the RNLI or to offer you a place for an alternative activity. Any refund will be made via the original method of payment and will be processed within 30 days of request by you for a refund. Where an activity organised by a third party is cancelled for any reason, the RNLI is unable to offer a refund or alternative activity.

RNLI Trade marks & Fundraising

  1. You must not use the RNLI Trade Marks nor any RNLI Images to promote your business (nor that of anyone else) without separate approval from the RNLI. In particular, you must not use the RNLI Trade Marks, RNLI Materials nor RNLI Images on or in relation to any of your products or services or on the packaging, advertising or promotional materials for your business, products or services nor as part of any domain name.
  2. If you are fundraising for the RNLI and we request that you stop any fundraising activity, you will do so immediately and to then immediately proceed to:
    1. Return any funds you have raised in aid of the RNLI to the RNLI; and
    2. Stop using any RNLI Materials you still have and return them to the RNLI (or destroy them if asked to do so by the RNLI) and delete any electronic copies you have of the RNLI Materials.
  3. Please remember that for the majority of event types, you are not authorised to fundraise in aid of the RNLI, until we have emailed or written to you to say that your application has been accepted. In some cases we may first have to request further information before your application can be assessed.


  1. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.